You got your home-owners' insurance. You've got your cable, internet and phones installed. You got your security system activated or installed. Now you're ready to move everything you care about in the world into your new place. your home still a target? Insurance doesn't keep you pays for how safe you weren't and the resulting damage. Your cable company doesn't keep you safe; although some would like to think they can. Your alarm system can catch someone who HAS broken into your home but, that's still a bit after the fact.

We want to keep someone from, even, trying.

Try this test. Drive down a street with the mind of a would be burglar. What do you see? What do you notice? Which houses would you say, "I'd try that house" and which ones do you look at and say "absolutely not!...avoid at all costs"? I'll bet you the ones that have an alarm company's sign in the yard and stickers on every window are probably the ones you would avoid first...right?

Would you hop into a backyard over a fence that said "BEWARE OF DOG"...???

Simple things like security deterrents can be a huge factor on whether or not you're looked at as a target or a PASS. the same drive again at night. What do you see? Do you see as many security signs? Do you see as many targets? Chances see more vulnerabilities at night than you did during the daytime. Most of this is because, you can see the deterrents better during the day. Even the hidden ones.

Does your yard-sign do you any good if it can't be seen? Keep your yard-sign visible! Don't let shrubs overgrow it. Don't put it right up against your house where it can't be seen. How effective would an invisible deterrent be?

Now...forget the rest of the block. And just look at your house. Walk back and forth during the day and at night. Sure, your neighbors will wonder what the heck you're doing. Be happy to tell them and invite them to do the same thing. Looking at my house...would I try to break in?

Surveys were done several years ago of convicted burglars. When asked if they would break into a home they knew had an alarm system, a whopping 9 out of 10 said...NO!!! There's always an odd apple in the bunch. just decreased your probability of being a target by 90%. I like those odds!!!

Keep your yard-signs lit. Keep your other deterrents visible. Make an effort to reduce your home's visibility from the crosshairs of cowards looking to target you.

Your security company has yard-signs and stickers for you anytime you need them. They are the first and foremost item on the FRONTLINE of your security.

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Take care...and stay safe!!

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