Give your house appeal, without being inviting to burglars. Home lighting has always been important. How many dark spots of your home's outside are dark enough that they could be used as cover from your neighbors' eyes? How about bumping into stuff in the dark when you come home with full hands? How about never forgetting to turn on your front porch light? Leave a light on...not anymore!!!

Chances are your Eales system already has the capabilities to automate lighting features of your home. If not, give us a call and let us show you how easily and cost effectively it can be added. When you have this feature on your system, you can;

- Dim Lights

- Set them to custom Modes/Scenes (Night Mode, Vacation Mode, etc.)

- Turn on and off with triggers (i.e. - disarm your system and the lights turn on or vice versa)

...and so much more.

The biggest issue is lighting. A lack of lighting is your worst enemy and a burglars' best friend. Add lighting to areas where there are none and have them motion activated or tied to your alarm system. You'll be glad you did.

Do you turn off all of your lights when you leave for the day or for a vacation but, come home late or are gone for days at a time? Turn them on and off at scheduled times by programming scenes or using your mobile device, you can turn ANY light control on your alarm system on or off. Have kids at home and you're stuck having to work late? Flash all of the lights remotely and let them know it's time for bed.

I really could go on and on with all of the applications and implications attached to lighting control on your Eales system. For more ways on how this can be added or used, call us or email us anytime.

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