We all love the assets that we have and quite frequently get new ones. What happens when those items are stolen in a burglary? How can you track them? How do they get recovered? How can the thief get busted...after the fact? Easy! With the simple image above!

When an asset is stolen, it is general because of its quick "street value" or AKA the amount that they can get for it at a pawnshop, through an individual or other means.

You should have a record of all of your assets written down and in a safe, easy to access place. You'll need to record anything you can get or remember about the asset. Retail Cost, where you got it, device description, serial number, take pictures, note any identifying marks, etc. Having all of this logged makes it easier for police and those that comply with ethical business practices to find your items. Most pawnshops check the serial number of a device against the stolen items list with local law enforcement. If you don't have these items...you won't be on the list. Items may come up in other burglaries that originally belonged to you. A thief may be busted for something else, soon or down the road, in possession of stolen items. If they don't have records of those items belonging to you, they're as good as gone; even in the police's hands.

Taking steps to register your devices and make a log of everything about them NOW...could keep you from having to go through all of the costs of replacements LATER.

Thanks for reading and be safe.

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