The conversation in the image above looks harmless enough. Right? Maybe...maybe NOT!

The sad fact of the matter is 9 times out of 10, the people that rob you...know you. They may not know you directly or be in your circle of friends. But what about your friends' friends? What about the people they talk to about you? Even in a boasting or braging; simply happy for you and want to share it...this could be dangerous. We don't run background checks on our friends. We shouldn't have to. We make friends through trust and hope they do the same. Think about the things that could be said.

"Dave just got a huge promotion!!!" --- Chances are Dave is going to be making a bunch of long wanted purchases. Dave and the whole family might even take that long needed vacation; leaving their new stuff and their house unprotected.

"Christine just bought a new house!!!" --- Christine is probably in such a hurry to move that she didn't have time to install or activate the alarm system on her new home yet.

"Mark's TV is huge! We should watch games over there every week!!! --- Mark is now a target...and so is his TV.

"Aaron is really successful! He works from home, and then spends his weekends at his lake house." --- COME ON IN!!!

You get the point! The fact is, someone doesn't have to know you directly to know you and you habits or to know what you have that might be of value to them. Sometimes people just don't think about what they're saying and to who. Not everything has to be shared with everyone. If take a few moments to look at who might be hearing your life story and inventory...you might be surprise. It generally only takes 6 people (or less) to get to someone that you would question their intentions.

Just some food for thought for you this month!!!

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