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So you have your system installed. Your company did a great job installing it. Perfect! Was there anything that your rep suggested that just didn't fit in your budget at the time? Was there something they mentioned you should have but you just, kind of, overlooked it?

No matter how good your security company (and Eales is one of the best and most experienced). No matter how good your rep. No matter what your budget...there's always a hole that a burglar could potentially take advantage of. Right now, we want to address some of these so that you can get with your company and possibly make some immediate changes.

First and foremost – Communication. Does your system communicate to your monitoring through cellular? Either as a backup or as a primary, cellular is very important. If it can’t call then it’s, pretty much, an noisy paperweight. One of the first things, MOST, burglars STILL do is cut the phone lines before trying to break in. You’d think it’d be hard, right? NOPE! They mark the box for them with “telephone network interface” on it. Should just say…Cut here. With a cellular backup, when a phone line is cut, the alarm tries the phone, sees the dead line and immediately goes out by cellular. With it as a primary, it just skips the firrst step. Either way…it’s not labeled…it can’t be cut…and, in some cases, has its own backup battery and tamper alarm.

Second – Windows. How are your windows protected? Are they protected against breaking or JUST opening. What about the windows that are in your backdoor that doesn’t open but, if broken, leaves an opening, almost, the size of a door. If you’re only protected if something is opened then, you are being backed up by your motion detector(s). But, this means, they’re already in your house and that’s what we want to avoid. Adding glassbreak detectors in key areas works great for sooooo many reasons, including;

  • The alarm is sounding before the glass has even hit the floor

  • You can cover an entire (regular sized) room with just one

  • They can cover windows or large pane glass that doesn’t open; which couldn’t be protected otherwise.

These are just a few food for thought items that you might look at adding to your system. If you already have them…good for you.

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