Moving Boxes

There's plenty to think about when moving. Where's the furniture going to go? Whos room is whos? What colors are we going to paint the walls? The list goes on and on! However...one of the first things on your list should be your security system.

Whether or not the home you are moving into has an existing security system or you will need an entirely new system, your priority lies here.

All someone has to do is follow a moving truck and they know, either where you are moving from or where you are moving to probably has a security account that has been turned off or isn't activated yet. Now all they have to do it wait for you to leave to return the truck or go to lunch and BAM. The don't even need to rumage through the house to find the valuables; you left them right there, boxed up, and labeled for them; which will also decrease the amount of time it would take to clean you out. Now all they have to do is look like they're moving and nothing looks out of place.

The system in your new home NEEDS to be installed or avctivated before you move in a single thing. All you need is for the power to be turned on. Most companies offer a cellular or radio transmiter for your alarm system; so you don't need to wait for your cable/phone company to turn anything on. In fact your system should be set up like this anyways; devoid of all phone lines. If your Eales system isn't set up this way, simply, call to add it. It's fairly inexpensive and easy to add.

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