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What does your facebook tell people about you. NO...not YOU as a person. YOU as in private information. Information that you think is safe and harmless but could mean a huge gap in your security.

Real quick, think about what kinds of information are on your profile. Your name, your maiden name, where you're from, where you went to high school and mascot, family, somtimes pets names, your mother's maiden name, what kind of car you have, what was the make of your first car, a picture of your house, your family, your kids.

Do you get where we're I'm going with this?

How many of these questions are used for password protection for Banks, Credit Cards, etc? How easy would it be to get the pieces of information needed to take your identity with just a few clicks through your Social Media profiles?

How often does a "check in" tell people that you're not home?

How often does what you show in your pictures show that you have money?

How many pictures of the inside of your house have you taken and posted that could give a would be burglar a visual guided tour of where your valuables are; such as tvs, computers, home studio equipment, etc?

Most people don't even know that you can swipe a message in Facebook IM and see where they were when they sent it to you.

Not everything has to be PUBLIC to be SOCIAL. You can set what you want shared and with whom you want it shared. Scrutinize your settings! They'r ethere for a reason. Check all of the settings in Facebook one-by-one and then check the settings on your phone.

Think of it this way...what would you share with a perfect stranger? Would you, freely, give them all of the information they need to rob you? If you wouldn't do it in person...why do it on social media?

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