Having a 2-story home is a beautiful thing. BUT...sometimes we can become complacent when it comes to the security of that second floor; windows get left unlocked or even cracked open. Just because you don't think you would go through the trouble to break into those areas of access, DOES NOT mean a would be burglar wouldn't. If they want in badly enough, the second story is often a great way to access a house...undetected.

Here are some quick things to think about.

Can a burglar access those areas? Of course they cant jump that high! But what about the ladder that you use to hang Christmas lights or clean your gutters? Do you keep that locked up, chained up or better yet...in your garage?

Here's where it gets tricky...

Does you NEIGHBOR leave their ladder locked up, chained up or in the garage? THAT's RIGHT! Your neighbors ladder can be used to access your second story of your house, even if you've taken measures yourself.

While every home's layout is different and the accesses my be more/less vulnerable than others, that is just one example of a way someone could gain access to a second story window...easily...without fail...and you or your neighbor may have left them the tools to do it.

When it comes to a 2-story home, you really should treat the second floor as a seperate dwelling. Just like every home is different; the second floor has completely different threats than the first floor. Motions can be set in different places, you may want to add more smoke detectors (because generally there are more bedrooms on the second floor in a 2-story home), window contacts along with additional venting magnets may want to be used; instead of a glassbreak. Use this in combination with the "track locks" that we talked about our last post.

Does your second story have an adjoining attic that also has access in the garage? This door should be considered an access door just like your front or back door but, with no entry/exit delay; PROTECT IT.

Having a security system for a 2-story home can be much more expensive and expansive than a standard home BUT...when done right...you'll be able to enjoy security without having to think about it or change much in your lifestyle.

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