One of the most overlooked places for entry to your home is the Garage. You feel confident and secure that no one can get in unless they have your remote and you're very protective of it; because you've heard all the stories of people getting them and using them to get in. SO...you leave your interior garage door unlocked; as well as your attic hatch (we will cover this later)

What if I told you that getting into your garage takes nothing more than a wire hanger and less than 30 seconds? IT'S TRUE!!!

Follow me here...!!! You're garage door is opened by a motor that gets the signal from your remote to activate, your motor drives a chain to pull the garage door arm back in order to lift the door, and the arm is locked into the track by a clip to make sure it works and is maintainable. On this clip there is also a safety release cable that allows you to release the clip from bing locked to the track should the power go out. SEE WHERE I'M GOING WITH THIS???

Now...this release cable has a handle on it that makes easier to pull on it for the homeowner. It also makes it easier to snag from the outside with a wire hanger. The burglar, simply, straightens out the hanger and then bends it in half; leaving the hook still on it. They slide it up into the top of the garage door and swing it around; waiting to feel the vibration come down the hanger as they hit the release cable, then...all they have to do is PULL. Now, the garage door is release from the track and they can lift open the door with their bare hands; looking like they are supposed to be there.

Here's the SIMPLE FIX...and IT'S FREE TOO!!!


Take the release cord and stretch it up to the top of the garage door; finding the length that would be able to go outside. Hold that point with your fingers to mark it and...CUT!!! You have now removed the handle or any length that can be pulled outside or the handle to apply tension to. You also still have the length to grab the cord with your bare hands in case of an emergency and you need it.

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