Get a jump on your would-be burglar for a cheap $1.76 per window!!!

Sometimes windows are hard to remember to lock. Sometimes we like to vent our windows just a bit to let the air through and save some money; but still feel secure. Sometimes a window can be used to gain access to your house.

Now you can, simply, do all of the things you want without the worry of security issues. Meet the sliding window track lock. Some of these better ones are around $1.76 a piece but there are also 4-packs for a little over $3.00 at Lowes.

All you need to do is vent your window to an accepable height; without making it accessable to someone from the outside reaching in. Place the "secondary lock" or track lock into the slider area of the window frame; blocking the window from sliding up any further. Tighten the lock into place by twisting the threaded nob with your fingers; securing it snugly to the frame. Now close your window and remember to lock it back.

Now you can vent your windows without it being raised past the point you set. They are not accessible from the outside and take a bit to undo. Someone breaking in would have to break the window to unlock the window, then it won't go any further because of the track lock. By this point, you have made access to that window extremely...not owrth it.


1.)Works great in combination with Glassbreak Detectors for alarms; to catch an intruder before they have gained access to the house by listening to the sound that glas emits when it is struck and broken.

2.)Comes in different colors to match your frame (where avalable).

3.)Can be tightened down with pliars for extra security; however will make it more difficult to undo if trying to escape that window in the event of an emergency.

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