Little Girl with Christmas Present
We know we don't have to talk about this but....well....YES WE DO. Because even though it's common knowledge, people still do it! What is it that we're talking about, you ask? Leaving Christmas present boxes, TV Boxes, Game Console and other Electronics boxes; those little come get me billboards that people love to leave where(?)....right at the curb in front of your house.

Nothing like being able to tell what the newest things are in someones' home than driving up and down the street of a neighborhood after new years.

Why is it that people would rather be lazy than smart? You might as well unlock the doors and wondows and leave them open. Because, if they see something they want bad enough, nothing's going to stop them from getting in. Now what could happen? Vandalize the rest of the house? Steal things they DIDN'T know were in there but have em now; as a bonus? Posibly be in your home robbing you when you are home...or worse...when you are coming home?

Take the time to dispose of boxes, bags and items of that nature; ALWAYS! Not just around Christmas time! Don't be lazy, or careless...be cautious and smart. CUT EM UP! BAG EM UP! And take them out with the normal trash.

Residential Garbage

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