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We know that a lot of you will be traveling and hitting the open road for the upcoming holidays so, we just wanted to drop a few safety tips on securing your home before you go.

When going on vacation, it's important to not advertise it. Simple things like having your mail held or your paper picked up by a neighbor are good. You don't want someone to drive by and see the big billboard of mail hanging out of your box that says "we're gone!!!" BUT...there are several other things you may want to think about before you head out. Such as;

Pack your vehicle in your garage - People are always scouting houses and you never know when they'll be by yours. You don't want ANYONE to see what you are packing and how much; it lets them know who all is leaving and, in some cases, for how long.

Protect your garage door - After you have packed, pull your vehicle out and shut your garage door. Then disengage the motor by pulling the pull-cord that attaches it; or simply unplug it. Then LOCK the slide lock on the door itself; both sides if you have both. This will make it imposible for someone to quickly gain access to your garage and hide while they load everything up, and then make a fast get away. MAKE IT HARD ON 'EM!!!

Make you deterrents visible - Make sure that your property lights are left on, motion lights work and there is nothing blocking your Security Company yard-sign and window stickers. Put it in their faces that you have security. When groups of convicted burglars were asked if they would attempt a house that they knew had an alarm, an average 9 out of 10 said...NO.

Make sure you set your alarm and lock your doors!!! - I know that, if you do all of the things above, that makes for a lot to do but...PLEASE...make sure that you arm your system and lock all of your perimeter AND interior doors.

Follow these things and you've taken a few more steps to making sure that you come home to what you left. Everyone have safe travels and Happy Holidays from everyone at Eales Electronics.

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